Fap Turbo

The FAP Turbo is an automated FOREX robot. However, this robot is very different from all of the currently existing ones that are available and because of this, a large amount of buzz was built up before its release that led to several thousand copies being sold almost instantly after it was made publicly available.

Fir starters, when comparing the many different trading robots, one thing many people may have come accustomed to is the use of potential results. Basically almost all currently existing robots use results that are not generated with the use of real money. FAP Turbo used real money as the creators knew they had a winner and believed in their creation.

Of course a simple stop off at their website will result in one being able to see live trading results. They have actually three different demonstrations going on including the small which is for those under $500 accounts, the medium for $2,500 accounts and the large for accounts over $10,000.

Furthermore, the problems that other FOREX robots have, FAP Turbo offers a solution. For example, one of the most common issues is large losses as a result of strategies like the Martindale that only results in major drawdowns. These dawdowns can wipe out someone’s account in no time. With features like fixed loss, low drawdowns and a whole lot more, these losses can be prevented with ease.

When you chose to purchase the FAP Turbo, you will find that the first thing that occurs is that you are taken to the member’s area of the website where you will be able to download the program. There are also a number of manuals which can be downloaded here plus many great training videos that will help you get the platform set-up and making you money in no time.

These videos also cover a variety of strategies that work with the program including that of a short-term or a long-term one. The short-term strategy will teach you about making use of the 15 minute chart in which you will trade only four of the main currency pairs. The technique this most commonly refers to is known as scalping which brokers dislike greatly. The good thing though is that there is also a stealth mode which prevents them from being able to actually see these trades until they occur.

The long-term strategy though is basically a modified version on the currently existing FOREX Autopilot one but it has been greatly improved. Of course there is a long story behind this, but to make things shorter, they were given the permission to modify the source of FOREX Autopilot that they would be allowed to market as a separate product.

Everything that you need to get the FAP Turbo up and running as well as making you money on the FOREX market is available to you in the members only area of the website which you will be given access to once you have made the decision to give the FAP Turbo a try.