forex funnel

The Forex Funnel is a brand new entry into the world of automated FOREX software but that in now way makes it a bad choice. In comparison to many of the other automated trading platforms, the live as well as demo account profits have shown to be nothing less then amazing.

Long before the Forex Funnel was officially released, it was used on a number of test account for almost 4 years in order to determine how well the software would work and compete with other automated trading platforms and the results were exactly as expected. With the Forex Funnel irregardless of changes in the FOREX market or even personally investment styles, the results were more than $100,000 increase in investment over a single year.

Best of all since the Forex Funnel is an automated trader, all that you need to do is to simply start it up and let it run. The beauty of Forex Funnel is that you basically turn it on and leave it to its own devices, as simple as that. Even if you are new to FOREX trading and have never once traded a single exchange, the Forex Funnel’s automated robot takes care of all of those hard trades sothat you do not have to.


1. The Forex Funnel will automatically create the trades for you.
2. There is absolutely no risk when you choose to get the Forex Funnel because of their 60day full-refund policy.
3. It only takes 5 minutes to set up and is 100% idiot proof meaning that anyone can use the Forex Funnel.
5. The Forex Funnel uses advanced algorithms as well as proven stop loss formulations.

Benefits Of Forex Funnel:

1. Thanks to no need for a middle man, corruption or any human interference, the Forex Funnel will make you money without human emotion getting involved.
2. The Forex Funnel is based on the MetaTrader 4 Platform which means it can be used with a large selection of online brokers.
3. This automated trading platform also comes with a manual in PDF form as well as helpful tutorial videos.
4. Best of all you can use the Forex Funnel on demo accounts so that you can learn FOREX trading risk free with no real money involved.

2 FREE Bonuses:

1. When you get the Forex Funnel you also get their Expert Advisor absolutely free.
2. This automated trading platform also comes with the custom made Goldminer indicator.