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Forex Trading Strategies

Forex trading has certainly captured the attention of a lot of people all over the world. More and more people turn to this form of trading to gain quick bucks in the process. But if you want to be an adept Forex trader yourself, then it helps to learn as many Forex trading strategies as possible. Of course, these strategies are just theoretical when it comes to success. It would still take a bit of suave, intuition, and experience to have these applied correctly for profit. Still, it helps to have a few of these under your belt.

But one important thing you should know about trading strategies first is that these are not foolproof at all times. You have to take into consideration that the market conditions are in constant fluctuation, which results to old rules being amended and new ones being created.

Even the large financial players, such as banks and brokers, acknowledge this fact about trading strategies in Forex. This is precisely why a lot of these financial players have come up with their own base of strategies; with just the basics so that there would be a reduced need to do any amendments whatsoever. Coupled with experience in the trade, these financial players are able to earn much profit with the help of the basic strategies they have developed. Here are some that have helped them.

SMA (Slow Moving Averages)
This is one of the simplest strategies in Forex trading, which is perfect for novice traders. Two averages are in play here, the slow moving and the fast moving. The settings for both averages are at two different time periods. When the fast moving crosses the slow one, this is the time when the trader should purchase. The same goes when the slow moving crosses the fast one. The trader should still purchase Forex here. The entry and exit points are determined, which are dependent on just how fast and how slow these moving averages are.

Fibonacci Trading
This is one of the complex strategies in Forex trading. The highest and the lowest swings are used here in the interpretation and calculation of the best selling and buying prices. Usually, the best time to purchase Forex is when the Fibonacci reaches its lowest level. When it reaches its highest level, then this means it is time to sell Forex. However, you should still be wary about using this particular strategy. The best times to buy and sell Forex here are not really consistent. This has to be meshed well with time and experience.

These are just some of the Forex trading strategies that you can try using. Be cautious when choosing which one to use, for nothing really matches the strategy of experience.

How To Read Forex Charts

Learning how to read Forex charts is one of the first basic skills that you have to master if you are intending to go into Forex trading. Once you have a thorough grasp of this skill, you will find other areas to be less demanding. As you make your first attempts in the industry, it would be of great advantage if you already know how to handle Forex charts.

Forex trading uses currency pairs. This specific pair maintains the same “pairing” in every transaction. One example is the EURUSD with the EURO and the US dollar as the currency pair. The first part of the notation, the EUR is the base currency and the second part, the USD as the terms currency. The positions can never be interchanged. If you mean that 1 EURO can purchase about 1.2065 US dollars, then the Forex chart would show EURUSD = 1.2065.

Trade size is another term that you must be familiar with. Trade size also means your face value. When you want to buy 100,000 EURUSD, you will say that you are buying 100,000 EUROS. From this example, it is clear that trade size means the amount of base currency that you are willing to trade.

How does the currency pair help you identify the best chance to earn more profit? A currency pair that goes up means the base is stronger. At this time, you have a higher chance of earning profits. On the other hand, a currency pair that goes down means that the terms currency is stronger. It is the best time to sell.

Time frames are also important to you as a Forex trader. You cannot place the correct analysis of the information at hand if you do not have the correct time. To ensure availability of current time, it is best if you could have your own charts. It would also help if you have these charts saved for future use.

You should also be aware that it is the bid price and not the ask price that is shown in most Forex charts. The ask price is used when you buy while the bid price is used when you sell. This is one important consideration that you have to bear in mind.

Time zones can create confusion when trading. The time shown in the chart is the time zone of your Forex provider. To avoid confusion, you should use the world clock in your computer. This will make it handy for you to convert different time zones to your own time. Without this tool, you will not have real time with respect to important announcements made. This could result to losing your investment.

Still with respect to time, see to it that the time in your Forex chart is synchronized with the time candle. Also, make sure that you have the right charting software to give you the correct time data.

There are more to learn about Forex charts. If you would really want to succeed in Forex trading, you have all the reason to explore the other important aspects of this volatile yet financially rewarding business.

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